Just Me: Today I was terrified I was going to watch my puppy die

A picture of me and Jubilee taken just yesterday — 9/2/18.

Jubilee is our 10-month-old half pug and half rat terrier puppy. She takes after her rat terrier mother.


Our friend J. left about half an hour ago. He wasn’t careful — he didn’t realize how careful he had to be — which is our fault, and Jubilee shot out the front door. She ran and ran and ran. My husband went after her first; he was barefoot. I grabbed the closest shoes, my husband’s Crocs, and put them on and ran; Crocs that are 5 sizes too big are not good shoes for running.

A car came down our street.

Jubilee was already at the corner of our street and Main Street, two blocks from our house. The driver of the car on our road saw her and stopped at the corner. They didn’t turn onto Main Street. Instead, he kept honking to try and warn the cars on Main Street to slow down/stop.

She ran across Main Street.

And then ran back and forth across Main Street. Traffic was pretty heavy — people coming back from the long weekend?

She was nearly hit at least a half dozen times. I thought I was going to watch her die.

I had been calling Jubilee, but now I was just screaming.

Because of my screaming, someone else came out of their house from down the block and drove to us to see if everything was okay. A young couple with a stroller who were on the sidewalk on the *other* side of Main Street heard or saw some of the commotion. They called to Jubilee, and Jubilee ran up to them because she loves new people.

They grabbed her.

(Thank God. I hope I thanked them. I felt completely outside of my body at this point. Thank God for the car on the corner that kept honking. Thank God we have the kind of neighborhood where a neighbor gets in his car to go check on a woman *screaming* in the neighborhood. Thank God.)

It was effing awful. I thought I was going to throw up. I felt like I was going to die. I felt worse than thinking I was going to die.


I was once in the passenger seat during a car accident. No one was hurt, but there was lots of car damage. Before the collision, I saw the car in front of us stop before my friend, the driver, did, and I started to say something — but couldn’t get words out.

Afterwards, my friend said, “I’ve never heard anyone scream like that.”

I had no idea that I had screamed.


It felt worse than that.


  1. 2 months ago, this happened to me. I was dog sitting at our house. My heart goes out to you. I’m glad it worked out. It didn’t, for me.

    1. Author

      Oh, god. I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending love to you and your family. <3

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