Schedule a Cuddle Session

a cozy couch with blankets and pillows -- perfect for a cuddle session!

**Want to schedule a cuddle session with me?**

I’m currently accepting clients through email, text, and Cuddle Comfort; you can reach me at andicuddles at gmail dot com or 734-239-7843.

Not quite sure what professional cuddling is? Start with ‘What the Heck is Professional Cuddling?!

Not sure who *I* am? Start with ‘About Me.’

I approach cuddling from the idea of practicing loving-kindness. When I’m cuddling I’m fully present in the moment with you in a safe place of compassion, non-judgment, and attention. Please never worry about your appearance, sexuality, ethnicity/race, or body size with me! I accept all individuals.

As far as cuddling style and rules go, I abide by the rules provided in the Client Agreement. You are in charge of how we cuddle within those rules. I can incorporate hand-holding, hair-stroking, (untrained) massage, hugging, sitting near each other, spooning… and most other platonic and non-sexual cuddle positions that you can think of!

I wear a minimum of shorts and a tank top. I dress to try to be comfortable in the weather (layers) while also making as much appropriate skin available — all while being stylishly covered in very soft clothes!

Email me or text me with the following:

1.) Introduce yourself.

2.) Tell me that you’re interested in scheduling a cuddling session.

3.) Tell me your expectations from a cuddle session (it’s okay to guess!).

4.) Let me know that you agree to the Client Agreement.

5.) Optional: Tell me a little about yourself!

I will get back to you ASAP.

Public Cuddling:
$40/hr M-Su

It’s really fun (especially for a first meeting) to do some public cuddling! We can go to a park, walk around, and cuddle… or we can go see a movie and maybe grab a bite to eat! We could also head to an arcade, do an escape room, go bowling, or anything else you can think of! Even though we’ll be out in public, there will still be plenty of hugs and hand-holding!

Private Cuddling:
$60/hr M-Th* 9AM-3PM
$70/hr M-Th* 3PM-9PM
$80/hr F-Su* 9AM-9PM

* In order to host, I will need to schedule time at an Airbnb nearby. I have agreements with a handful of hosts, but this option is best planned in advance due to limited availability! The cost of the Airbnb varies, but is usually around $50. If interested, let me know and I can give you more details.

I will travel up to 30 minutes (each way) for free. Afterwards, the cost is $30/hour of travel time. I use Google maps to determine the travel time and will send a screenshot to you.

1.) Once we’ve scheduled an appointment (but before meeting), I will need a recent photo of you. (This is for safety and also so I can recognize you!). You can send me a picture to my email or through the text number that I’ll provide you when you’ve scheduled.

2.) 2.) Before beginning our session, I will need to verify your full name via an ID to send to my safety buddy. (While a driver’s license or state ID is preferred, any type of ID with your first and last name will work — library card, Costco card, etc.)

* First time client special: 20% off total session price. (Minimum of $40/hour. Session price does not include travel fees or hosting costs.)

* Need to rent a hotel room to host? Take 50% off my first hour.
(Two hour minimum.)

* $50/hour for folks over 65, veterans, and those with documented disabilities.

Contact Me:

If you have any questions, please email me at andicuddles AT gmail DOT com.