Just Me

Picture of me from 2016. I had a cool haircut.
Picture of me from 2016. I had a cool haircut.

When I started this blog, I had thre aims:

  • to introduduce more people to professional cuddling and the cuddling community
  • to show how ordinary of a person I am so as to legitimize the idea of platonic cuddling as ordinary and normal
  • to have a platform for my current or potential clients to get to know be better, if they so desire

This blog is a hybrid of personal and professional.

As such, I’ve decided to add a category called ‘Just Me.’ These are posts that aren’t about cuddling *at all* just stories and everyday things and thoughts I need to get out of my brain.

So, if you’re here for cuddling, feel free to skip all posts that start with ‘Just Me.’

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