About Me

Andi is a 37-year-old woman who lives with her husband and family in Chelsea, Michigan. She is a professional cuddler. If you’re not sure what professional cuddling is, check out the page What the Heck is Professional Cuddling?!

Andi has a BA in Linguistics from The University of Michigan. She is currently studying Social Work at Eastern Michigan University. Her past job experience has included running her own small organic bath and body care business, supervising students in library services, English tutoring, political canvassing to provide increased access to women’s healthcare, and bookselling.

Andi is an INFJ, which means that although she is often mistaken as an extrovert, she is actually an introvert! As such, she is a bit of a homebody. She has three rescued pug-mutts and one cat. She loves to read (especially speculative fiction), watch Netflix or Hulu, play geeky board and video games, knit, embroider, and make soap.